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Exclusive Guest Post by Stylist Lisa Grace

So you’re getting married, you’ve taken your support group shopping for the perfect wedding dress, the date is set, reception booked, and now it’s on to bridesmaids’ dresses. Now let’s be honest, nobody wants to be tortured with ugly dresses. So picking bridesmaids’ dresses can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Here is a quick guide to help find the perfect bridesmaids’ outfits.

1. First things first, decide on the formality of your wedding. This will help determine which type and style dress you’re after. Will it be formal, semi-formal or smart casual? This decision affects colour and style. You might even want to take into consideration the season and what time of day you’ll be getting hitched.

2. Be sure to pick your own wedding gown before beginning the search for bridesmaid attire.

3. Select a bridesmaids’ dress or dresses that you like. Start by choosing a style or a colour, whichever is more important to you. As a group you may want to coordinate but possibly not be an exact match. The biggest trend I’ve seen happening these days (which is also my favourite) are mismatched bride’s maids. Scroll down for photo examples of my FAVOURITE combinations. 

4. When choosing mismatched dresses you take away the pressure of thinking about the body types of each bridesmaid and instead pick individual styles which suit that person perfectly.

5. Next,  picking colour – decide if you’d like everyone in your bridal party to wear the same colour, or if you’d rather choose a colour scheme. Colour schemes work the best when having mismatched dresses. Have them each in a slightly different colour but all in keeping with the overall theme of the wedding. Alternatively keep the same colour but don’t worry about finding the perfect match, rather keep the same colour but in different shades (this will make shopping easier, and it’s intentional so it’ll look great).

Throw Tradition to the Wind

Throw tradition to the wind, like beautiful Alyssa and her ladies at her Los Angeles wedding. (See pic above).
Alyssa’s Gorgeous Gown from KAREN WILLIS HOLMES, was perfectly complemented by her bridesmaids, using a colour theme of blue-grey black in the gowns along with forest green in the bouquet. These ladies have chosen to mix the hem length along with the theme. Against Alyssa’s custom made Anya gown, the outfits complement her sequins and location perfectly. 

Photo Credit – Viera Photographics

Botanic Wedding

Or you may find inspiration from lovely Robynne and her ladies at this botanical wedding. Robynne’s Gorgeous Gown from KAREN WILLIS HOLMES, was in keeping with her bohemian theme and Botanical location. Each of her ladies wearing a rustic colour palette of soft pink beige, ivory and a hint of copper throw out the gowns, along with the neutral greens in the bouquet, Each ladies neck line and colour completing each maids skin tone while keeping with the a semi formal bohemian colour scheme complimenting Robynne’s bespoke Genevieve lace overlay.

Photo Credit – Rebecca Amber Photography and Jamie Lauren Photography

Rural Wedding

Then there is gorgeous Rachel and her ladies at this rural wedding.

Rachel’s Gorgeous Gown from KAREN WILLIS HOLMES, was perfectly complemented by her bridesmaids, using a an array of soft pinks in each of their gowns and while also using pinks and neutral greens in the bouquet, thesis the perfect example of how to keep the same colour but in different shades while still complementing Rachel’s Ready to Wear Ivy gown.

Photo Credit – Nicole Baas

Where to Shop for Bridesmaids’ Dresses

So where do we find all these gowns (and trousers)? Well this is where planning is key. And having enough time is key,

Doing some research is a great thing to do before you drag your party all over the shopping centres. For example, if you know your ladies will be wearing cocktail length gowns then you want to be shopping in the right season.

But mostly importantly be opened minded, you need a contingency if your don’t get exactly what you imagined (again this is where mixing and matching helps).

So your’e looking for anything from floaty, feminine cuts to modern classic designed dresses in soft, feminine, plain, loud colours, with accentuated gathers, that’s fitted with lace detail. RIGHT?

To get you started here is a list of great bridesmaids’ shops in Brisbane and other major Australian cities:

  • Zimmerman
  • Forever New
  • Saba
  • Cue
  • Camilla
  • Carla Zampatti
  • Scanlan Theodore
  • Review

And great online destinations for the ladies who live away from each other are:

  • whiterunway.com.au
  • theiconic.com.au
  • asos.com/au
  • fameandpartners.com.au
  • 4bridesmaids.com.au
  • bridesmaidsonly.com.au


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