1. Icebreaker Questionnaire

It’s crucial to me that I understand your story as a couple, and the things you value, so that I can craft the perfect
wedding video for you. My process goes above and beyond to ensure I ‘get’ you.

Once you’ve booked with Your Wedding Story, you fill in a fun questionnaire so I can get to know:
• Your story – how you met, what you love to do together;
• Who and what will be important to you on your wedding day;
• What you’d love (or hate) in your wedding video.

2. Heart-to-Heart Meeting

Closer to your wedding date, we catch up for video call to go over the schedule for your day. But it’s also a chance to get to know each other better. This is a really important part of the process, as it means when I turn up on your wedding day you already feel like you know me, and feel relaxed in front of the camera. I will also feel like I know you, and can better intuit how and what to film. (And just as importantly, how and what NOT to film).

Some grooms (and less often, brides) are a bit nervous about being filmed, so this catch up should set you at ease.

3. Filming on the Day

I don’t base my packages around a number of hours. I don’t limit the amount of time I’m with you, to ensure that all the key moments are captured.

On the day I show up organised and ready to go. I have called up your photographer and celebrant prior to the wedding day to ensure we are on the same page and I have your ceremony and reception run sheet.

I film on three separate cameras or four if we have the second shooter. So I have such a wide range of footage to choose from!

During the wedding I am unobtrusive and professional. And during your photo shoot I provide fun direction and games to get beautiful, candid, non-posey footage.

 I stay until dancing is underway, and I have enough fun party footage for your film. I’ll come and say goodbye before I head off, and make sure there isn’t anything else you need me for.

4. Editing + Delivery

I’ll give you a sneak-peek clip 48 hours after your wedding. From there your final wedding video will be ready 12-18 weeks later.

I craft your Highlights Film into a story that brings out the major themes of your day, whether that be family, heritage, fun… it’s as unique as each couple. I spend time planning the narrative and choosing soundtracks that match the mood perfectly. I am a perfectionist and spend days colour grading and perfecting the timing and look of your film.

I’ll provide your Highlights Film via a Vimeo link, which you can easily share on social media or via email.

All my packages include some extended footage, even if just the ceremony and speeches. I spend a lot of time editing these videos from the multiple cameras I used on your wedding day. And I also colour grade and correct audio and anything else that’s needed. (Some videographers just supply the unedited, raw footage from your ceremony, which is not very enjoyable to watch).

All of your extended edits, and your Highlights Film, will be posted to you (via Australia Post) on a custom bamboo USB. I’ll also provide a wide range of stills created from the video footage, capturing moments your photographer may have missed.

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