Photography Options

Your newlywed friends have probably told you
it’s helpful to have a wedding photographer and videographer who work well together. That’s 100% true. A great team makes the day flow seamlessly – and gives you the best pics and film possible.

Your Wedding Story specialises in high quality filmmaking. It’s a different skill set to photography. However, I have a couple of options to make sure you feel you’re getting your A team!

Option A: Your photographer

Usually, our couples choose their own photographer. Michaela then gets in touch with the photographer to say g’day, and find out how s/he likes to work. Where do they position themselves when the bride is walking up the aisle? During the ceremony? What time should be arrive at the groom’s preparation so he doesn’t have to “get dressed” twice?

By the time the wedding rolls around, the photographer feels like a friend! There’s never been a photographer we haven’t LOVED working with. Quite often we have guests assuming we were actually a package deal, because we work in so well together.

Option B: My Faves

I am sometimes asked to recommend photographers, which I love! I have a list of awesome photographers I’d highly recommend. To meet the grade they need to have amazing photos, and be completely professional and well-organised in the way they handle the wedding lead up, day, and beyond.

I have a solid list of photographers with a variety of styles I can suggest, so there’s bound to be someone whose work you love. I get no kick backs – just the joy of working with someone who I know will be amazing on the day.