Icebreaker Questionnaire

Happy smiles at the end of a wedding shoot – Michaela + Kaitlin.


We’re so excited we’ll get to capture your wedding!

In order to make sure we know what and who will be important to you on your wedding day, we’ve devised the introductory questionnaire below. We will both receive your answers when you submit the form. We will keep these to revise again just before your wedding.

If there are any questions you can’t answer,  leave them blank or write TBC.

Closer to your wedding date, Michaela will meet with you in person to go over the final details. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this!


Michaela & Kaitlin  x

To get the highest quality audio (sound) of your vows, Michaela typically uses a wireless lapel microphone on the groom during the ceremony - it is discreet, and picks up fantastic sound from the bride and groom. Will this be ok with you?

Are you guys planning an "unplugged" ceremony? (We highly recommend this - it saves everyone hanging their iPhone out into the aisle as the bride arrives).

Are you guys happy for us to post photos / video snippets on our social media channels (Instagram and Facebook)?

Sometimes other vendors (eg. florist / jewellery / band /cake) ask us for footage or stills of their work. Are you OK for us to share with them?