High-End Wedding Videography

Do you want to capture the warmth between your family and friends minus the cringeworthy Hollywood-style footage?

I’ll capture what’s important to you in a natural, authentic way.

Hi, I’m Michaela

I’m a Brisbane wedding videographer specialising in authentic, masterful storytelling.

 Wedding videography shouldn’t just be a video montage set to music — it should include audio and tell a story. It should include your loved ones’ reactions and capture hundreds of exquisite little moments you might not even see with your own eyes on your wedding day.

If you can see the difference between a high quality wedding video and one that is of a lower standard; and if your family and friends mean the world to you… then I’m probably the right videographer for you.


  •  High-end video production from $4150.
  • Minimum three cameras.
  • Consistently rated higher than 99% by couples in annual ABIA awards.
  • Fully booked for 2020.
  • Limited spaces available for 2021.

Nothing Cheesy

High-end videography without cheesiness! Less making out in a field of wheat; more family and friend reactions!

Heartfelt Care

For customer service, you get what you pay for. I go above and beyond for my couples, resulting in consistent five star reviews.

Deeply Personalised

My process for getting to know your preferences is thorough. Your wedding video will be perfectly tailored for you.


With the highest quality equipment and a completely professional approach I leave nothing to chance.


My wedding videos tell a beautiful story that’s true to who you are as a couple, and what’s important to you both.