Investing in Videography

Previous “Your Wedding Story” couples reflect on whether or not a wedding video was worth doing.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Ask any of your recently married friends and they’ll tell you one of two things. Either they (a) didn’t get a video and it’s their biggest regret; or (b) got a video and it’s the best money they spent on their whole wedding. There is a simple reason for this. When it’s all over, you are left with just a beautiful dress in your cupboard and a couple of still photos in frames.

If you’ve also invested in videography, you can actually relive your wedding day over and over, for the rest of your days. You can show your kids. You can watch it on your anniversaries. At that heart breaking time of losing your family’s elders, you can bring them back to life briefly. Nothing else can bring sound, movement and emotions back like a video.

Couples I have worked with regularly tell me that they watch their video all the time, and it’s the best money they spent on the whole day.

“It was honestly, hands down, the best money we spent on the whole day. We both always say, our wedding day would be a lost memory if it wasn’t for your video.”

– Emma

The money we spent on you was seriously the the best we spent for the entire wedding, you are worth every dollar. I can’t wait to rewatch it a million times now and in the future.”

– Megan

“Wish we could do it all over again… This is one of the best decisions I made, to have you capture our perfect day. Now I will have it forever.”

– Trudy

“You are brilliant at what you do and are worth so much more than we paid!”

– Emma